Chair's Letter

WIN true to intention

As we enter the site visit phase of this year’s grant process, it’s exciting to see the projects being considered and to see how we can alter our process for social distancing. It’s a good reminder that we can endure some change without sacrificing our mission and overall plans.

WIN’s Zoom committee meetings over the past few years prepared us well to expand to the possibility of Zoom site visits and webinars this summer.

WIN was created to give women philanthropists the opportunity to make a bigger impact on projects that offer bold, new solutions to important and urgent issues in Nebraska. We want to be more engaged in what’s happening in our state by connecting with a range of university and nonprofit problem solvers.

The women’s collective giving and grant-making organization Philanos focused its February conference on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in philanthropy. CLICK TO SEE MORE OR WRTE TO FIT