Women Investing in Nebraska — and themselves

Whether you’re new to Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) or have been involved since its inception 12 years ago, you are an appreciated part of a vibrant network of women who “get stuff done.”

WIN members are each other’s mentors and friends. We connect, explore, learn, and invest in projects that make important differences in many Nebraskans’ lives.

Where else can you make authentic connections with women of all age groups, from their 20s to their 90s? WIN brings together women of all ages to add to our understanding of a changing world. We benefit from each other’s wisdom derived from both unique and shared life experiences.

Where else can you find a network of smart, caring women who get together to explore art, science, new media, and the environment? WIN fosters social connections with a reason and a goal.

As individuals, we are only limited by the borders of our imagination. WIN encourages members to expand their horizons through educational offerings and social events.

WIN’s momentum is palpable as we continue to break membership records, and we look forward to sharing more about the substantial impact of the grants we provide to Nebraskan nonprofits.

WIN amplifies our donations into something far bigger and more powerful than what we could accomplish on our own. So we encourage you to invite others to join us who share our values. Invite the givers, knowledge seekers, and those who welcome new friends of all ages and backgrounds to join WIN.


Here’s to a successful WIN year in 2023.


Meg Lauerman, Chair

Women Investing in Nebraska