Dedication Bears Fruit

Dear WIN friends,

Your WIN leadership team just met and figured out a strong path going forward regarding how we think about and manage future leadership for WIN, and I wanted to fill you in on this development.

I just got started in January as your chair, and will serve for two years. The three committee chairs are strong and capable, and in my opinion, we make a good team. It is my observation that the committee chairs get their feet on the ground in the first year of service in that position, and are then more able to be effective for the organization in their second year. Therefore, I have asked our committee chairs to serve for two years. And here’s the plan going forward from there: We will start to recruit the next leadership team this coming fall so that during the last year of our terms of service (2024) we will be working with the incoming team to make the hand-off pretty seamless.

Our current committee chairs are:

  • Education: Sarah Button
  • Grants: Jaci Lindburg
  • Membership: Jill Davis

If you are interested in being on the next leadership team that will serve in 2025 and 2026, feel free to reach out to any of us or contact our WIN director, Morgan Holen.

Thanks for being a part of this amazing philanthropic adventure.


Meg Lauerman, Chair