WIN offers in-laws shared mission

Karen Linder, a founding member of WIN, and her daughter-in-law, Emily Allen, now chair of the WIN Membership Committee, shared a common interest in WIN.

They shared their answers to WIN’s member questions:

Why did you join WIN? 

Karen Linder – I joined WIN as a founding member because nothing like it had previously existed. The structure appealed to me as a more intimate way to participate in philanthropic activities. When my daughter-in-law Emily joined our family, I knew she would also enjoy this group and its mission.

Emily Allen – My mom and dad made giving back and servant leadership a priority growing up. So I’ve been fortunate enough, from a young age, to be plugged into various community volunteer and philanthropic opportunities in Omaha. However, until Karen, I wasn’t very familiar with collective giving, or WIN – and thanks to Karen’s generosity in sponsoring me, I’ve been a member since right before Trent and I got engaged. The first event that I attended with Karen was the Coco Chanel author event!

What is the best lesson you have learned about philanthropy?

Karen Linder – The most rewarding projects to fund are those that would not otherwise exist without philanthropic support.

Emily Allen – We can do more together.

Why do you enjoy participating in WIN together?

Karen Linder – Everyone is busy in their personal and professional lives. WIN gives us the opportunity to spend more time together. We share similar philanthropic interests and it’s fun to have a volunteer activity that we can do together.

Emily Allen – Karen said it perfectly. Plus, I jump at the chance of any opportunity to spend time with Karen. I am so fortunate to have such amazing in-laws.