WIN lets you choose

Two recent WIN gatherings offered great opportunities to meet and get reacquainted with WIN members.

Some have joined WIN for the camaraderie, some for the chance to make an impact with their gifts and some to learn about philanthropy and their state. One woman said she was drawn into our group because “WIN met me where I was.”

So much of our lives require us to follow someone else’s schedule, or to plan for the needs of the people and organizations around us. Most of the time we are happy to do that.

But the idea of an organization that is meeting members where they are is appealing.

WIN does not have required meetings. Nor does it require committee work. It requires only that you make a gift.

The rest depends on where you are and what you want to do. You can be as active as you want with WIN, you just have to know where you are and look at the opportunities around you.

I am pleased that the opportunity to chair WIN in its 10th grant cycle met me where I am today. My life and career have centered around this state and its university, and it is meaningful to collaborate with WIN members, whose paths may be different but intersect with mine right here.

I look forward to an educational, engaging and empowering 2021 with WIN.