Celebrating 10 and looking ahead


In our decimal-based world, where money, first-down yardage, gymnastics, fingers and toes are counted in tens, that number is a milestone.

Whatever you count, the numbers after 10 have a different significance when we move to double digits. Ten creates a different place value.

This year we celebrate WIN’s 10th grant awards, and for the next nine years, we will count our anniversaries with that foundational decade supporting us. The numeral 1 in the 10s place reflects our achievement, a foundation for the work we came together to do.

In those 10 years we have read 753 letters of inquiry, reviewed 168 proposals, conducted 71 site visits and awarded 20 grants that will soon exceed $1.5 million.

Moving forward, we will change the number on the right, in the “ones place,” too. WIN will see new members and new projects to fund.

The number on the right will represent our individual and collective growth. We advance. We grow. We change. But we are grounded by the number in the tens place.

I hope you will celebrate with us on Oct. 26 when WIN announces its 19th and 20th grants, recognizes how we got to this 10-year milestone and listens to our innovative and forward-looking keynote speaker Preeta Bansal as we look to keep moving into WIN’s second decade.