Speakers list offers opportunities

WIN members now have a list of possible lectures and programs sponsored by the University of Nebraska’s four campuses and other organizations.

The list will be posted on the WIN website and will be updated periodically. Members have the opportunity to participate in those programs and to engage with each other afterwards.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Peruse the WIN Opportunities List of University of Nebraska and other community lectures and programs offered online at womeninvestinginnebraska.org and find those of interest to you. In most cases, participation requires no fee, but some require advance registration. Links are provided with more information.
  2. Check for WIN Chats scheduled after the lecture, in which WIN members connect via Zoom to discuss the issue and presentation.
  3. Contribute ideas for other opportunities, WIN Chats or WIN Webinars. Let us know what interests you at womeninvestinginnebraska.org and watch the Opportunities List for updates.

Watch your email for further information on these events. Be sure to register with the sponsoring organization when that is required. Some vitural events may have limited space.