Site Credits Site Credits

At the University of Nebraska Foundation, we like to give credit where credit is due. We'd like to thank the people involved in bringing this website to life.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Our team:

Chris Cooper - Interactive Marketing Director. Responsible for strategy and project oversight.

Doug Cook - Creative Marketing Specialist/Copywriter. Responsible for all the copy you like, not responsible for any copy you don't like.

Brian Schupbach - Business System Engineer.  Responsible for development using the open-source Liferay portal.

Mitch Johnson - Art Director. Initial designs and creative direction throughout the project.

Kinsley Fisher - Creative Intern. Initial creative direction for WIN and creative direction throughout the project.

Ashley Van Waes - Interactive Intern. Responsible for content population, she was responsible for creating much of what you see here.

Outside the foundation

Chris Kollars - Freelance Front-end Developer - Created the front-end templates. 

Mike Kieser - Freelance Developer - Provided development expertise.

"What happens when we connect the belief in ourselves to effect change with tenacity and persistence, a sense of urgency to act now, and the power of our collective voice? I'll tell you what happens: progress begins and lives improve."

-Tricia Raikes, Co-founder of the Raikes Family Foundation