Grants Process

Funding Grants

Women join WIN with annual contributions of $2,400, $1,200 or $500.

Those gifts are pooled to be shared equally between the selected University of Nebraska projects and Nebraska-based 501(c 3) nonprofits. Membership gifts received between July 1 and June 30 determine the amount of the grants awarded each fall. ( CLICK HERE to learn how to apply for grants.)

How it Works


WIN publicizes the grants program with a statewide news release, notices to all University of Nebraska campuses and notices to past grant seekers. WIN members are encouraged to share the information with organizations and university programs they know about who might be interested.

Grants Committee members and other members interested in the process are asked to reserve Tuesdays and Thursdays in June to participate in possible site visits.


Two-page Letters of Inquiry are due from grant seekers by a designated date, usually around the third week.

Members of the Grants Letter of Inquiry Subcommittee begin reviewing Letters of Inquiry


Grants Letter of Inquiry Subcommittee selects up to 16 (eight university, eight nonprofit) projects from whom WIN will request full proposals.

All Letter of Inquiry submitters are notified of their status in the process.


Grant seekers submit full proposals by deadline in mid- to late April.

Grants Committee members review proposals via members-only website.


Grants Committee members meet to select up to eight grant seekers (four university, four nonprofit) to invite to host site visits.

Proposal submitters are notified of their status


Site visits are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays in June. Grant Committee members are joined by other interested WIN members to learn more about the eight projects.


Grants Committee members select four grant seekers to be placed on bllot for all WIN members, two university and two nonprofit projects..


WIN voting is conducted online for 10 days

Grant recipients notified of results and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), publicity, fund transfer arrangements begin


WIN Grant Awards Celebration, news release and email to all members are used to announce grant recipients

Grants Committee debriefs on grant cycle and sets timeline for following year’s grant application process

Grant Recipient Reporting

Grant recipients have use of funds through Dec. 31 of the year following their award.

A mid-grant progress report is due in July of that year.

A final report is due March 31 following the completion of their grant year.