"What happens when we connect the belief in ourselves to effect change with tenacity and persistence, a sense of urgency to act now, and the power of our collective voice? I'll tell you what happens: progress begins and lives improve."

-Tricia Raikes, Co-founder of the Raikes Family Foundation

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WIN Chair

Carey Hamilton

WIN Chair-Elect

Candy Henning

Membership Committee

Kathy LeBaron, Co-Chair

Courtney Kreifels, Co-Chair

Grants Committee

Paula McClymont, Chair

Education Committee

Shannon Sands, Chair

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WIN members are involved with awarding grants, planning educational activities and spreading the word about WIN through its three committees.

Members can find out more or join any of WIN’s committees by contacting Lori Shriner (lori.shriner@nufoundation.org or 402-458-1209) or Sue Kutschkau (sue.kutschkau@nufoundation.org or 402-502-4109), or by returning the Tell Us About You form in their new member packet. 


Grants committee

Chair: Paula McClymont

The grants committee sets the annual grants timeline, beginning with a call for letters of interest in January and ending with the grant awards in the fall. This group will review proposals received, conduct site visits and select the funding proposals all members see on the grant-selection ballots. 


Membership committee

Co-Chairs: Kathy LeBaron and Courtney Kreifels

The membership committee looks at ways to invite more women to join WIN and will help new members find the areas where they will most enjoy their WIN involvement.


Education committee

Chair: Shannon Sands

The education committee will work with membership to identify topics of interest to WIN members related to philanthropy, grant-making, grant auditing or issues of importance to Nebraska philanthropists.