"In joining together and thinking big, we will make a large impact."

-Lisa Smith, Former Chair of the University of Nebraska Foundation Women in Philanthropy subcommittee

WIN Grant Recipients WIN Grant Recipients

2018 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit: Sherman County Prevention Coalition - $91,500

Sherman County Prevention Coalition: Every School After School will provide curriculum materials, training and ongoing support to another 15 schools, each with 200 to 2,000 students, expanding the availability of quality, meaningful after school programming in areas where parents need accessible, affordable ways to care for their children in the time between school and the end of the work day.


University of Nebraska: UNMC College of Nursing West Division in Scottsbluff - $91,500

University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing West Division in Scottsbluff: Geriatric Cognitive and Mental Health Project for Rural Nebraska will make early screening and accessible services available to the more than 16,000 older adults living in the state’s 11-county Panhandle region where there is a shortage of mental health services. The program will provide services to an estimated 500 older Nebraskans through specialized clinics and conduct around 40 comprehensive geriatric cognitive and dementia assessments during 2019. The program also serves to provide on-site clinical training to psychiatric mental health and adult geriatric nurse practitioner students. The goal is that a nurse practitioner will remain and practice in the Panhandle after graduation.


2017 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit: Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska - $85,000

Brain Injury and Domestic Violence: Making the Connection and Improving Care will train domestic violence shelter staff, health care providers and others who come in contact with victims of domestic violence to screen people for indicators of traumatic brain injury including concussions, which might otherwise be mistaken for disorganization, intoxication, fatigue or other conditions. Once screened, those identified with possible indicators are more likely to get the treatments they need. Collaborating with care providers and researchers in the state, the group is widening the reach of its pilot program, which included screening 93 victims of domestic violence with 60 percent showing signs of possible traumatic head injury.

From left, Keynote speaker Tricia Raikes, Brenda Kastens, Voices of Hope, Peg Ogea Ginsburg, Nebraska Health and Human Services Injury Prevention Program, Kate Higgins Sibson, Sanford Health, Peggy Reisher, Brain Injury Alliance, WIN Chair Carey Hamilton, WIN member Linda Hoegemeyer, Teresa Harms, Clinic with a Heart, Kay Mathews, Friendship Home, and Jane Cogan with Friendship Home.

University of Nebraska: UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute - $85,000

The Statewide NICU Feeding and Swallowing Follow Up will make available portable fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation equipment in the Hastings area and training for an existing network of speech pathologists around the state. This project makes it easier for families living outside the Lincoln and Omaha areas to access radiation-free and cost-effective follow up screening for swallowing development in infants who spent time in neonatal intensive care units after birth. Feeding and swallowing needs change as infants develop which impacts not only nutrition and growth, but the development of their self-calming abilities, communication and bonding with families.

From left, Kris Althouse, Jessie (Plude) McMordie and Amy Nordness, all representing Munroe-Meyer Institute, WIN Chair Carey Hamilton and WIN members Linda Hoegemeyer and Shannon Sands.

2016 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit: Food Bank for the Heartland Kids Cruisin’ Kitchen - $62,500

Food Bank for the Heartland's Kids Cruisin’ Kitchen program will provide healthy summer meals in 2017 to children who qualify for free and reduced-price lunches during the school year.  Omaha-area summer programs include food for parents or guardians who also might otherwise go hungry. The USDA Food Insecurity Index shows that one in five children in Nebraska is food insecure, meaning they are uncertain from where their future meals will come.

Food Bank for the Heartland: The Food Bank for the Heartland’s Brian Barks (from left) and Susan Ogborn, Food Bank President and CEO, accept the 2016 WIN grant from Lisa Smith, WIN’s founding chair, and Carey Hamilton, WIN’s 2016-2018 chair.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska Medical Center Simulation in Motion-Nebraska - $62,500

UNMC’s Simulation in Motion-Nebraska grant will help send mobile, high-tech simulation trucks across Nebraska, providing training opportunities on life-saving procedures for rural first responders who may provide the only medical care for many miles. Training for volunteers and health care professionals will be provided at no cost and will be tailored to needs in each region of the state. Each simulation vehicle houses human patient simulators and supplies to recreate emergency settings as close to reality as possible.

UNMC Simulation in Motion-Nebraska: UNMC’s Marissa Stanton, (from left) Dr. Paul Paulman, UNMC assistant dean for clinical skills and quality, and Brian Monaghan accept the 2016 WIN grant from Carey Hamilton, WIN’s 2016-2018 chair, and Lisa Smith, WIN’s founding chair.

2015 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit:  Tabitha - $53,700

Tabitha, which serves 28 counties in Nebraska with health care services for elders, was awarded $53,700 from WIN to begin a new program that will provide care coordination for adults age 65 and older who are especially at risk because of limited income, chronic or emergent health conditions, or psychosocial concerns. Called EngAGE by Tabitha, the program will provide individuals and their families with personalized support through consultation, advice and coordinated access to health care services.

Tabitha: On the left representing WIN, Vanessa Denney, Lisa Smith and Courtney Kreifels.  On the right receiving the award for Tabitha is Christie Hinrichs.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Primarily Math - $53,700

Primarily Math, a program of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with objectives to transform K–3 mathematics education in Nebraska, was awarded $53,700 from WIN. An initiative of the Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education, the university will use the funding to offer the Primarily Math program to even more high-need school districts across the state. It helps teachers with their own knowledge of mathematics and improves the teaching of mathematics in primary school grades.

Primarily Math:  On the left representing WIN, Courtney Kreifels, Lisa Smith and Vanessa Denney.  On the right receiving the award for Primarily Math is Michelle Homp, Ph.D.

2014 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit:  Third City Community Clinic - $75,950

To provide responses to urgent and critical needs and give hope to children, women, and men with no funds or insurance.  The clinic supplies medication, medical and dental care to families that otherwise would have no access to their address their health care needs.  The grant will be specifically used to care for more patients, update equipment, assist with pharmaceutical costs and maintain its current professional staff.

Representing Third City Clinic: (left to right) Rev. Charles Torpey, vice president; Dr. Zach Meyer, medical director; Susan Aguilar, executive director; Dr. Shu Ming Wang, board member; and Denise McGovern-Gallagher, president.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska-Lincoln's HearU Nebraska - $75,950

To ensure that every child in the state of Nebraska has accessibility to sound, regardless of their family's financial means.  By giving ‘the gift of hearing' to children, this project minimizes the effects hearing loss has on a child's language acquisition, cognition, and overall educational success.  With the grant, HearU Nebraska expects to provide 30 or more babies and children with hearing aids.

Representing HearU Nebraska:  (left to right) Brandon Ray, son of Stacie Ray (inspiration for HearU Nebraska); Stacie Ray, Founder and Director of HearU Nebraska; Hannah Lionberger, recipient of HearU Nebraska; Evie Rausch, recipient of HearU Nebraska and her mother Kelly.


2013 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit: Nebraska Children and Families Foundation - $76,750

To help young people at risk because they are transitioning from foster care to independent adult life. The grant supports Project Everlast, an innovative partnership that specifically works with those who are aging out of the foster care system. This grant will help the organization to expand its successful program to Lincoln and northeast Nebraska.

Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) Chair Lisa Smith and Grant Committee Chair Kathy LeBaron present Wendy Van, Vice President of Development at Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and Kris Dellacroce, Project Everlast Youth Council Member, with the grant for Nebraska Children and Families Foundation.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska at Omaha Women and IT Engagement Link $76,750

To support the volunteer organization of faculty, staff, students and community members that seek to recruit, retain and support women interested in information technology studies at the UNO College of Information Science and Technology, as well as fulfilling careers in IT.

Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) Chair Lisa Smith and Grant Committee Chair Kathy LeBaron present Stacie Petter, associate professor in the Information System and Quantitative Analysis Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and UNO student & NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award Recipient, Katherine Slump, with the grant for the University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Information Science and Technology.

2012 Grant Recipients

Nebraska Nonprofit: Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers - $77,425

To help launch a statewide training initiative focused on prevention, identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect. The initiative includes four programs, including a training workshop for law enforcement personnel; a training program for adults involved with organizations serving youth; a training course to prepare individuals who are mandatory child abuse reporters, such as teachers, day care providers and others; and a web-based training program for anyone wanting to learn more about preventing, identifying and reporting child abuse.

Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) Grants Committee Co-Chairs Carey Hamilton and Kathy LeBaron present Jamie Vetter, Chair of the Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers (Executive Director of Family Advocacy Network, the Child Advocacy Center in Kearney), with the grant for the Nebraska Alliance of Child Advocacy Centers Project.

University of Nebraska: University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing's Mobile Nurse Managed Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Project - $77,425

To help improve health care services to the elderly who live in rural areas around Kearney. The College of Nursing will use the grant to improve its geriatric health care services offered through its Mobile Nurse Managed Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Project. It will provide health care services administered by various professionals for rural residents while providing needed experience for primary care physicians and nurse practitioners in training.

Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) Grants Committee Co-Chairs Carey Hamilton and Kathy LeBaron present Claudia Chaperon, assistant professor and project director at the College of Nursing, with the grant for the Mobile Nurse Managed Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Project.